"One and done" doesn't get it done


Sustainability Training

In 2016, the global spend on business training was nearly 360 billion dollars. Over the past three years business invested over a trillion dollars in training. In addition to the ongoing development of new content every year, there is also enormous training content sitting on the proverbial shelf that continues to be deployed.

Protect your investment: Companies invest considerable time and money to develop training programs, whether face-to-face, live streaming or e-learning. After attending training, however, there are few efforts in place to ensure that learning is retained and consistently demonstrated on the job. Much has been written on the abysmally low transfer rates of newfound skills and knowledge to the job. Relapse to old skills and poor transfer climates are two of the most common culprits that stifle the impact of your training investment.

Old habits are hard to break: After training, we cross our fingers and hope the training takes. Often it does, for awhile. But then the unforgiving retention curve takes hold. Research shows that over 70% of employee training is quickly forgotten and never applied on the job. One-and-done training, no matter how thoughtful the instructional design, will succumb to the unrelenting retention curve without ongoing sustainability efforts. After all, there are few things more difficult to change than adult behavior.

Unleash the power of your training: Your content, your competencies, your skills leveraged with Javelin’s learning sustainability solutions. Let Javelin work with you to provide sustained training events using your existing training assets. Leverage our online microlearning platform, SustainML, with its powerful learning cocktail combined with FOREstep, our leadership support process, to ensure training transfers to the job. We can help you reset the retention curve and improve the long-term ROI on your training initiatives.

How it Works

1. Content Alignment

We work closely with your team to re-purpose and leverage your existing content for our microlearning platform using brief, engaging and intense on-line simulations. Simulations are carefully constructed to reflect real-world work scenarios that focus on key behaviors aligned to your training content and/or competency model. Model responses to the simulations are developed to show the learner what good looks like.

2. Microlearning Events

Our microlearning platform, SustainML, employs our powerful learning cocktail…interactive simulations, active learning, modeling and formative assessment to support and sustain your training efforts. Our VideoScratchPad™ allows learners to practice in a safe environment while optionally receiving feedback from our highly trained, certified assessors. These small, intense and engaging simulations, typically under 15 minutes---and often as short as 5-10 minutes---are available to the learner anytime, anywhere using any internet connected device.

3. Leader Support

We open up a second front using our FOREstep process. This customized training engages the leaders as part of your sustainment efforts, ensuring they have the skills to accurately identify, reinforce and/or correct the behaviors in the moment, on the job. FOREstep builds a culture of learning support where and when it is needed. Learn more about FOREstep here.

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