It takes more than just great clinical skills to be a complete physician. Make sure that your residents are ready for the most demanding interpersonal situations they will face as they care for patients, meet with caregivers, and work with other health care professionals.

Javelin’s blended learning approach of simulations, micro-learning, formative assessment and individualized feedback and coaching has improved the interpersonal skills of residents at many leading hospitals. We immerse the resident in various interpersonal situations, such as an end-of–life discussion, a difficult conversation with a parent about her child, consultations with other doctors and nurses, and many other real-world situations. Like a clinical simulation or case study, our interpersonal skills video simulation program provides powerful learning opportunities. In addition, the ongoing nature of our program provides residents SUSTAINED training in key competency areas aligned to the ACGME milestones and which are necessary to effectively interact with patients, caregivers, and members of the healthcare team.

How it Works

1. Simulation

The residents access our simulations through an online portal, 24/7 through any laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Residents are then asked to watch “real-life”, on-the-job video scenarios and asked to provide video responses A) to what they observed the physician doing well/not well, and B) as though they are the physician in that situation. It’s not enough to just comment on what the resident observed. Our technology allows residents to insert themselves into the scenario to practice how he or she would respond if in that exact same situation.

2. Human Assessors

The resident video responses are then scored by Javelin’s certified assessors utilizing behaviorally based scoring checklists developed by our PhD psychologists and psychometricians. Our assessors all hold at least bachelor degrees, and have extensive experience in the field. They also undergo rigorous training to ensure rating bias does not occur and that consistency is achieved. They allow our behavioral scientists to drill into the data, discovering behavioral insights that highlight ways to change behaviors, advance skills, and ultimately improve quality of care and service excellence. Systematic calibration, ongoing quality assurance and high inter-rater reliability (>.90) underpin the Javelin way.

3. Individualized Feedback & Coaching

Everyone wants to know if they’re on the right track. Once scored, the residents receive individualized feedback dashboards and training content in their online portal for review and study. This feedback is highlighted by a personalized coaching report for each resident on what they did well, areas for continued development, performance changes over time, patient experience considerations, and more.

Available options include:

  • personalized video summaries recorded by one of our seasoned coaches
  • data driven dash boards
  • suggested key words and phrases
  • model responses for scenarios
  • video scratchpad to practice completed scenarios at any time

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