Let Javelin leverage its expertise in developing the interpersonal skills of employees with our intensive one-on-one remediation program

Remediation for employees with performance or behavioral problems associated with interpersonal skills is a reality faced by many companies and institutions. Left unaddressed, these interpersonal problems can create a toxicity in the work environment that can negatively impact your culture of inclusion, cooperation and engagement and your bottom line. Let Javelin help by leveraging its expertise in developing the interpersonal skills with our intensive one-on-one video coaching program, REMEDIATE.

It is important to note that not all employees are willing to make changes needed to return to a healthy, productive relationship with the company. We cannot guarantee success but we work hard and have a strong success rate with some of the most challenging cases. When they elect not to, or are unable to, make required changes, we document each activity and outcome and provide you with a record of additional remediation efforts that your organization provided.

How it Works

1. When to REMEDIATE?

When is this process appropriate?  When a non-productive behavior is caused, fully or in part, by a lack of ability to communicate effectively, demonstrate teamwork, interact respectfully with others and show empathy.  These can represent situations where misbehaving employees simply don’t understand how their actions negatively impact others.  There many examples of performance and behavioral issues that can be ameliorated using this process:

  • Failure to meet performance expectations
  • Timeliness and lack of follow through
  • Failure to follow direction
  • Rude and disrespectful comments to peers, supervisors, customers or others
  • Unconscious harassment or discrimination
  • Failure to work effectively with others

2. Diagnosis

Javelin consults with leadership and other stakeholders in order to develop an effective coaching plan, the first step of which is an accurate diagnosis of the employee's talents and remediation needs. Javelin reviews any existing documentation on the employee's performance to gather initial insights. These insights are augmented with a set of Javelin simulations and a discussion with the employee. Incorporating the insights from multiple perspectives and data streams provides a more complete and accurate diagnosis of the employee's developmental needs.

3. Develop Plan

Based on the diagnosis, an eight-week remediation plan is developed consisting of measurable objectives that address the observable remediation needs identified during the diagnosis. Javelin works with your organization to identify the roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders in the remediation process. The employee, leadership and Javelin approve the plan, ensuring it is consistent with your company's policies and procedures. The Javelin team carefully chooses simulations, suggested on-the-job activities, readings and videos aligned to the learner's developmental goals.

4. Execute Plan

Week by week we rebuild the skills to change the employee’s behavior and mend work relationships that have been damaged through the employee’s previous actions and behaviors. Directed practice, self-reflection, feedback and coaching all support skill development and behavioral change. Simulations and on-the-job activities are augmented by bi-weekly sessions with a professional coach to ensure progress, accountability and continued progress toward the plan.

5. Evaluate and Document

Along the way Javelin provides ongoing documentation including actions, progress, trends, level of engagement and remaining concerns. Additionally, regular check-ins with leadership not only promotes alignment between all the parties but ensures transfer of newly acquired skills to the job addressing the issues identified in the plan. At the end, a cumulative evaluation is prepared and presented to leadership.

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