A one-site solution, customized for your organization. One spot to take assessments, receive individualized feedback and access training.


Each individual’s performance on the simulation informs their behavioral level analysis. Each individual receives feedback and training that highlights specific areas for improvement


Too much feedback can confuse, while insufficient feedback doesn’t elicit meaningful change. We impart the precise amount of instruction to facilitate the right degree of action.


Our feedback and training provides specific, action-oriented directions to the participant. The physician is told exactly how to increase performance and what behavioral changes are needed to get there.

Our high tech, high touch one-site solution

Catalyst HCP is online but it’s more than just a technology solution. Backed by a team of full-time I/O psychologists and elite assessors, the simulation propels physicians to self-awareness - to cultivate and sustain interpersonal skills.

We make it simple.

Watch Video

Access Portal

Always Available. Always Online. Always Convenient.

Our access portal is a dedicated, private space for your team to take simulations, receive results, and access individualized feedback and training. It’s ready when you are.

The Catalyst HCP portal is the gateway to all platform features. It includes:

  • information and instructions on taking the simulation
  • a place to take the simulation
  • a place to view performance scores and peer comparisons
  • a place to review individualized feedback and training

The Simulation

Capturing insights to improve behaviors.

Only your physicians know when and where they learn best. So we offer video simulations around the clock, all year long. The simulation module encompasses:

  • video questions based on real-life job scenarios
  • text-based observe-and-action prompts
  • participant’s video response
  • button to submit answers

It's that easy.

Data Collection & Scoring

Everyone wants to know if they’re on the right track.

We provide the tools for physicians to see how they are doing, providing a “report card” detailing:

  • overall score for the simulation
  • a score for each behavioral competency and skill
  • a score for each video question

Each level of scoring compares performance against their peer group and tracks changes and trends in performance.

Feedback & Training Module

Track. Measure. Improve.

Javelin assessors drill into the data, discovering insights and delivering feedback that is easy-to-understand and actionable. Our insights on performance show ways to change behaviours, advance skills, and ultimately improve quality of care and service excellence.

The heart of the Catalyst HCP training approach is the Analysis Module that shows each physician:

  • the individual behavior that was reviewed and scored
  • whether or not they correctly displayed the behavior
  • recommended keywords or phrases to improve the interaction
  • a strong response video to demonstrate the correct behavior

Take the simulations at any time or in any location

Requires approximately one hour to complete. Finish now or save for later.

Delivers personalized feedback and training through the Javelin Portal site



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