Benchmark your team to gain insight into future development needs

How do you build a detailed inventory of your employee skills on competencies which are essential to your current business objectives as well as your strategic plans? You can quickly collect baseline data on many of those skills and competencies using Javelin’s benchmarking tool. Leveraging our simulation platform, measure a wide range of competencies such as critical thinking, leadership, communications, innovation, adaptability and many more.  You can use our competencies or we can work with yours.

Specific ways in which our benchmarking data can be deployed include:


  • Training evaluation: Surveys of learners’ responses to training are insufficient. Leaders’ evaluations of employees’ skills are fraught with challenges including inconsistent evaluations, observational opportunities and bias. Javelin provides an objective and consistent way to accurately measure the impact of your training at the competency and behavioral level. Engaging, realistic simulations can be used in a pre/post design to evaluate the impact your training is having on your employees.
  • Individualized training: Not everybody has the same skill set or training needs, nor are they starting at the same place. Leverage our benchmarking data to appropriately slot employees into your existing training programs.
  • Javelin training: Javelin also offers a variety of training opportunities to fill in potential gaps. The benchmarking data can be used to identify the most effective use of Javelin’s training solutions.

Early Detection

At the aggregate level, identify common developmental themes, establish benchmarks to track your team over time as well as comparisons to industry averages. Discover gaps in your workforce relative to your strategic needs. Identify employees with disconcerting remediation needs as well as employees with exceptional talent. Address the problem issues early before they manifest themselves on the job. One of the more common reasons companies lose their best employees is lack of development opportunities. Identify, groom and develop your future potential as you build the next generation of leaders.


In medicine an accurate diagnosis always precedes the appropriate treatment and intervention. The same holds true with coaching. Let Javelin provide an additional data stream of information using our simulations to pinpoint coaching opportunities and transparently provide specific behavioral examples of strong and weak performance. Armed with data, the leaders and supervisors will target their time and energy to effectively build your workforce one employee at a time.

How it Works

1. Design

Baselining and benchmarking is the essential starting point for monitoring and evaluating the performance of your workforce. Without it, your organization has no critical reference point for assessing the impact of training interventions or isolating problem areas. Let Javelin help you create baseline simulations that are as engaging as they are useful, allowing your organization to stay well-informed and ahead of the curve. As a first step we leverage our assets or custom build simulations to measure the competencies and behaviors essential for the success of your business.

2. Engage

Baseline simulations are administered through our on-demand, video technology platform which is accessible to your employees through any internet connected device, 24/7. They complete their baselines anytime, anywhere. We use adult micro-learning strategies, thus, each of the observe and immerse part of these simulations are intense but brief typically ranging from 10 to 15 minutes each, including watching the scenario, recording your response and reviewing and rerecording if necessary.


3. Generate Baseline Report

Once the responses are scored by our team of professional assessors, a comprehensive report is generated to bring all the results into one place at both the individual and aggregate level. Data insights highlight areas for development, reinforce strengths in performance, monitor change over time, inform program design, and more. The insights from this data can help support various functions in your organization including HR, workforce planning, succession planning, training and learning and the employee’s direct supervisor.


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