Coaching for residents with critical deficiencies
  • 77% of healthcare workers report witnessing disruptive physician behavior.
  • 94% of GME programs report at least one resident in difficulty.
  • Leaders report spending 7 hours every week just dealing with employee conflicts.
  • Physician that do not work well with others is a key pain point for Program Directors, DIOs and the interprofessional team
  • There is a solution. 85% of the physicians referred to us improve.
  • Documentation and Progress Reports.
  • We partner with the resident’s faculty mentor and program leadership to ensure progress and transfer of new productive skills back to the job.


1. Intake and Diagnosis

A thorough intake process incorporating multiple viewpoints and datastreams to ensure the core deficiencies are accurately identified.

2. IDP

The Individual Development Plan provides objectives, a roadmap to success and accountability tailored to the resident’s remediation needs.

3. Simulations

Leveraging our rich array of job simulations, we build new behaviors, teach new habits and build more productive and effective ways of interacting with others.

4. Coaching

Our professional coaches provide weekly, live, online coaching sessions with the resident, building self-awareness, embedding new patterns, and mending strained work relationships.

5. Document

Each step of our process is diligently documented, providing an audit trail, ongoing tracking of improvement and a reference document.

6. Follow-up

After program completion 30, 60, and 90 day follow-ups ensure sustainment of the new skills back to the job.

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