Remote, On-Demand Interviews and Simulations for Match Season

TOP THREE Factors for Ranking Applicants

  1. Interactions with Faculty during interview and visit
  2. Interpersonal Skills
  3. Interactions with house staff during
    interview and visit



An advanced, award-winning technology platform that delivers a high touch, on-demand interview and simulation experience that your applicants will appreciate, and your program team will wonder why they did it any other way.



An efficent pre-screen prior to bringing in the most promising applicants for their orientation and face-to-face interviews.




1. Plan

Javelin works with your team to develop the ideal set of interview questions and job simulations for your program.

2. Set Interview Window

A window is established setting the open and close dates for students to complete their interview/simulations.

3. Send Links

Students are sent a link to complete the on-line interview 24/7 until the close date. Questions need not be completed in a single sitting. Reminders are automatically sent.

4. Score

Program staff reviews and scores the responses. Javelin’s professional assessor team can also score for you. Or, you can choose a hybrid of both scoring options.

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