Benchmark and baseline the skills of your residents

Benchmark and baseline the interpersonal and communication skills of your residents, providing data driven dashboards at the individual and aggregate level:

  • Early detection of blind spots or remediation needs;
  • Identify exceptional talent;
  • Drive efficient, targeted development;
  • Track progress over time from a baseline.
  • Identify common development needs across your residents.
  • Provide your faculty mentors with rich data to support their coaching efforts for their residents.
  • An objective datapoint for CCC meetings and bi-annual performance reviews.
  • Includes individual development report for each resident.


1. Simulations

Leveraging our groundbreaking on-line simulation platform, residents are assigned a set of simulations covering patient, caregiver and interprofessional situations. Residents can convieniently complete them 24/7. Our immersive simulations, which are administered through any internet connected device, including a smart phone, are realistic, engaging and self-enlightening.

2. Analytics

Our assessor teams scores the simulations and provides a comprehensive report to the program director and faculty. Our analytics provide a powerful, actionable deep dive into the ACGME-aligned competencies of interpersonal and communication skills and professionalism across a range of interpersonal heathcare scenarios.

3. Plan

An online meeting with the program director (and faculty mentors) is scheduled to review the data and map out a development strategy. We drill down on the data to individual level as well as aggregating it at the program level. Plans include individual mentoring suggestions as well as programatic interventions. It’s an optimally efficient strategy specific to your program, your residents, your challenges.

4. Implement

It’s time to engage the team. Each resident receives an individual feedback and development report based upon the outcomes of the planning meeting. Progress against these reports can be added to CCC meetings; or, they can become part of bi-annual reviews with mentors. To ensure accountability and progress, we encourage benchmarking your team each year along with your new interns.

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