Interact with training simulations 24/7/365


1. Take a Simulation

Residents simply log into our portal on any device. They watch videos of real-life, on-the-job health care scenarios including patient encounters, as well as inter-professional and team scenarios.


2. Immersion

After observing the situation, we insert the learner in the simulation. We ask the residents to react to the situation and respond directly to others as if they are there. We record the residents’ responses using their webcam or smart phone.


3. Guided Practice

Model responses are provided along with guided behavioral training. This is followed by additional practice, which is again recorded. Participants can see the change by comparing their initial response and their post-training responses. More than 9 in 10 were motivated to improve their interpersonal skills after participating in the program.

  • Residents improved interpersonal behaviors 25% after only 3 weeks of Javelin training compared to a control group
  • HCAHPS-related behaviors improved by 27%
  • Learning accelerated to a 41% improvement on a subsequent administration

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