Remediation for residents with critical deficiencies is a reality faced by many GME programs. Left unaddressed, resident interpersonal problems can create a toxicity in the work environment that can not only adversely affect patient care but negatively impact your culture of learning, cooperation and engagement. Let Javelin leverage its expertise in developing the interpersonal skills of resident physicians with our intensive one-on-one video coaching program for residents, REMEDIATE-GME

How it Works

1. Interpersonal Skills Simulations

Accelerate GME is a multi year program with a curriculum aligned to the ACGME milestones to develop progressively the interpersonal skills and professionalism of resident physicians. Residents simply log in on any internet connected device at their convenience, 24/7, 365. After watching select videos from our rich array of real-life on-the-job scenarios, the learner is inserted into the situation. Using the video camera capabilities of their smartphone, tablet or computer they respond as the physician in that situation, recording his or her response.

2. Feedback

Residents are provided an opportunity to watch their own responses, self-critique and rerecord. Like biofeedback self reflection on our actions drives positive improvement. Javelin also provides an option to leverage our professional coaches to review the simulation responses and provide rich, detailed, objective feedback.

3. Coaching

Residents are coached through the simulations with model responses and behavioral checklists to further improve their interpersonal skills. Our portal also includes a video scratchpad which is available anytime so residents can practice responding to the simulations, driving further improvement. Javelin's professional coaches are another option providing recommendations and encouragement, on-the-job suggestions and ongoing tracking of the resident's performance over time. It all works together to build a more competent, confident and complete physician.

A resident will clearly understand what he or she needs to change and will have clear objectives to help achieve the change. Objective measures will allow all parties to evaluate performance and change, enhancing engagement and trust and minimizing arguments and conflicts.

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