While book learning and theories on faculty development are of some value, there is no substitute for practice. That’s exactly what our hybrid faculty development program does.

GME faculty play a critical role in the healthcare community. They are preparing our next generation of doctors to effectively shape and function in a new healthcare environment. It's a role that requires not only great medical talent but the ability to connect with residents to educate, coach and mentor them. Faculty are much more than a medical resource to residents. They play different roles, including teacher, coach, motivator, leader, mentor, role model and adviser. Resident faculty also requires a range of unique interpersonal skills to build a complete and whole doctor:

  • accurately observe and document performance
  • know and apply ACGME milestones effectively in CCC meetings
  • prepare individual development plans as part of biannual performance review
  • provide constructive criticism and building self-awareness in the residents
  • detect stress, manage well being and build resilience
  • develop and cultivate complete physicians, including medical, interpersonal and inter-professional skills

How it Works

1. Face-to-face Seminar

Attend a highly interactive two day seminar that not only introduces a variety of coaching and teaching frameworks but provides ample opportunity to practice them with real world cases. You also have the opportunity to bring and share your difficult coaching cases in the program, providing valuable transfer of the skills back to the job. The seminars can be conducted on-site for all your faculty or they can conveniently attend one of our open seminars. Click here for our upcoming list of open seminars. To see a sample agenda click here.

2. Follow up Learning

Your learning experience doesn't end when the seminar ends. Effective learning and transfer to the job requires sustained effort. Included in the cost of the seminar are post-seminar activities that you can conveniently do online, on your schedule. Leveraging our adult learning cocktail and our innovative learning platform you participate in three additional cases where you have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in the seminar. These microlearning events consist of realistic simulations in which you both observe a faculty coaching session and you are immersed in the scenario in order to respond directly to the resident. We also provide model response videos that demonstrate the concepts learned in the training seminar.

3. Live Web Streaming

Program attendees have the opportunity to attend a one hour live streaming session with the seminar coaches to:

  • Reinforce the learning concepts and discuss the three microlearning case studies.
  • Ask questions or share your experiences with all attendees, including successes or difficult cases.
  • Review and update best practices.

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