In keeping with Javelin’s commitment to provide systemic solutions to augmenting the interpersonal skills of physicians, we understand the essential role the GME faculty members play in resident development on these crucial skills.

Instruct, teach, model, coach, mentor, educate, guide, counsel, lead, motivate, encourage, inspire, calm, discipline, correct, persuade, evaluate… do these sound like clinical skills?

While book learning and theories on these many topics is of some value,  there is no substitute for putting that learning into action. That’s what our faculty simulations do. Using micro-learning and simulations specific to GME faculty members we provide development that will amplify these critical skills and ensure they are transferred to the job.

In addition to the simulations, Javelin includes bi-weekly sessions using our live, one-on-one video technology between the faculty member and coach so they can dissect the simulations at a more refined, nuanced level. In addition, the coaching sessions afford the opportunity to discuss and apply learnings to on-the-job interpersonal challenges the faculty may be facing with certain residents.

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