Attention Learning Content Developers. Add a new dimension of effectiveness to your training and a supplemental revenue stream.

Sustainment training ensures all your hard work in developing learning programs and modules continues to add value and promotes and embeds the newly learned skills after the learners leave the training. Javelin’s Adult Learning Cocktail combines with its technology platform and provides a proven sustainment strategy to deliver consistent results to your clients. We're more than a knowledge platform, we're a skills and behaviors development platform. It's not enough to know something, you need to be able to demonstrate it, live it. That's the Javelin way.

We have invested millions in our robust platform so you don’t have to. Our process readily scales out to millions of users, even with video streaming, recording and uploading of video files.

We offer multiple options for content developers:

  • Add follow-up sustainment modules to your existing training programs. With Javelin's support it is quick and easy to develop a series of brief, micro-learning based events aligned to your training that incorporate our Adult Learning Cocktail and technology platform.
  • Make sustainment training part of new content development, allowing you to provide your clients with a revenue producing “leave-behind” that supports and embeds your training in the organization.
  • Develop new microlearning modules that are self running, that operate on our robust platform that you can white label on your website.
  • Are you new to elearning or you've never published your content on the internet? Build multimedia rich, interactive elearning modules using our platform. We can even help create your multimedia videos.
  • Cooperative development: We are open to new opportunities to co-develop and co-market into training markets within select markets, especially health care and universities.


How it Works

1. Build micro-learning simulations that support your training

A simulation consists of two parts: 1) context; and 2) immersion. The context portion allows the learner to objectively observe a situation in progress. It does two things. It sets the stage to engage the learner in the situation. It also allows the learner to observe and comment on what they are seeing and hearing by the players in the situation to ensure they are picking up on important cues aligned to your training. The second part of the simulation inserts the learner into the scenario. This portion allows the learner to respond directly to players in the simulation, applying important concepts and behaviors they have learned.

2. Build Model Responses

Show learners what good looks for each of the two parts of the simulations, observe and immersion. It operationalizes your learning model, competencies and behaviors. For the observe scenario, you are using your learning model to support observation of the right behaviors. In the immersion or action scenario, the learner must demonstrate the behavior, allowing him/her to actually live your learning in a real-world situation.

3. Show the behaviors

What competencies and behaviors are demonstrated in your video, why are they important and samples phrases or actions the learner can use to demonstrate the behavior. This information is overlaid on the page to provide easy access to see how your learning model is manifested in the model responses and provides the opportunity to compare their response to the model.

4. Publish

Using our simple template, upload this information along with your logo and we create a branded site displaying the learning module. Insert and embed in your training or use as standalone microlearning module. For larger enterprises, use our API and web services or we host your branded microlearning site and you just need to embed a URL in your website or learning module.

5. Monetize

Leave us to deal with the headache of managing user subscriptions, billing and payments. We can provide you with a turnkey, industry standard solution that enables you to load your content and start monetizing it from day one.

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