Chief resident is a special role, one that affords a lifetime benefit to those chosen for this critical assignment. Seldom is a chief resident chosen solely on clinical skills or exam scores. Every program director knows the demands of the job extend well beyond clinical and technical competene. The best chief residents ae skilled in a range of interpersonal issues, including teaching aptitude, leadership, teamwork and coaching others.

Javelin HCP Solutions has developed a program specific to chief residents. It relies on the same technology on upon which our other programs are built, including on demand simulations, actionable coaching feedback and behavioral modeling.

How is the program different?

Simulations are geared specifically to the leadership demands of the chief resident role. This means simulations where they are instructing and coaching other residents, navigating delicate interpersonal challenges, promoting teamwork and coordinating others. In addition to the simulations, Javelin includes bi-weekly sessions using our live, one-on-one video technology whee the resident and coach can dive deeper into the simulations, discuss and apply learnings to on-the-job interpersonal challenges the resident may be facing.

Our chief resident coaching program is three months in length and requires a 30-45 minute commitment per week.

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