Advancing HCAHPS one conversation at a time

How do you inspire doctors to win the same praise for their interpersonal skills as they earn for their clinical practice? Javelin I/O’s Catalyst HCP sharpens your team with communication skills training that will earn you five star ratings every time.

Enhancing patient satisfaction

Our team of psychometricians have married interpersonal skills training with the high tech convenience of simulation training. The result: a bedside manner that wins you patients -for- life.

Turning physician engagement into a team sport

Online healthcare simulation technology lets doctors train on their own schedule, making improvement of patient, teammate, and manager communication more efficient and convenient than ever: No classrooms or hovering coaches.

Avoiding the thorny issues

Catalyst HCP skills training decreases disruptive physician issues that affect outcomes or lead to legal action down the line, protecting your physician’s reputation and organizational credibility.

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